40 Book Challenge

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Are you up for the challenge?

I am challenging YOU to read 40 “just right” books by the end of this school year. I am confident you can do it! Students, you will have independent reading time during center work, PIE, a free time choice, and assigned for homework daily.

Why are we taking the 40 Book Challenge?

The 40 Book Challenge motivates students to read different types of books and instill reading in all students. This challenge exposes students to a wide variety of genres and improves reading skills.

How does the Challenge work?

Students will choose a “just right” book that fits in a particular genre of our challenge. Students will use this book during their independent reading time, homework, and book talks with me. Students will complete the book survey below to keep track of the books they read and rate the books. If they loved the book, students will add book to our book recommendations bulletin board to motivate other readers to try the book out. Students will keep track of their own book count by coloring a book on their Challenge sheet each time one is read.

How can parents help?

  • Motivate them at home by keeping track of their books read somewhere special where your child can be recognized.
  • Put aside time each night where you and your child can read together.
  • Include siblings or other family members in on the challenge.
  • Participate in the challenge with them by reading the books separately and discussing over dinner.

Book Completion Survey